EuroMillions Basketball League cancelled due to coronavirus
Saturday 14th March 2020

In consultation with Basketball Belgium the Pro Basketball League has decided today to cancel the EuroMillions Basketball league in first division due to the coronavirus. This decision was made in order to protect the health of players, clubs and fans and to halt the spread of the virus based on the government’s recent decisions.

FILOU Oostende is proclaimed champion and the current standings will serve for the allocation of the European tickets. In order to allow our clubs to prepare for next season following this decision, the granting of the licences has been postponed until 15 May.

Arthur Goethals, voorzitter Pro Basketball president: “Because of the government’s decisions a situation of force majeure arose. This unanimous and solidary decision was the one and only right decision based on the current situation, no matter how difficult. The health of our players, club personnel and fans transcends any sportive considerations we could make. We will get to work with our clubs to prepare next season and look forward to welcoming back our fans and partners as of the beginning of September.”

Jean-Pierre Delchef, Basketball Belgium president : “Under the circumstances we have taken our responsibility together with our clubs. Sport is and remains healthy; a number of possibilities remain to work out individually and safely in the outdoors.”


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