Pro Basketball League's General Assembly confirms recommendations president's meeting
Friday 26th June 2020

At its meeting of 24 July, the Pro Basketball League's General Assembly has confirmed the recommendations of the president's meeting on 16 May. 

Both the competition formula and the start date of 2 October were formally recorded. If it appears that a later start is pressing, the start date can shift towards 16 October or 6 November. The safety of all stakeholders remains the focal point. 

"Together with an external partner, the Pro Basketball League will develop the necessary protocols in order to allow fans to safely return to the arenas in a "corona-proof" environment. This taking into account the regulations of the federal, regional and local governments." noted General Manager Wim Van de Keere. 


The Belgian Cup

The new formula of the Belgian Cup was approved. Four groups will be created with the ten EMBL clubs and six Top Division Men clubs. More information will follow soon. 


Assimilated home-grown players

In addition Dusan Djordjevic and Justin Cage, 2 players that don’t meet the conditions to be considered a home-grown player (affiliated with a Belgian federation between the ages of 12 and 21), have been granted the status of assimilated home-grown players. The PBL bylaws provide this possibility for non-home-grown players who play for the same Belgian club for at least 6 years non-stop.



The General Assembly also extended the mandate of president Arthur Goethals and his executive committee for one season. The election of a new president is thus pushed back to June 2021.

The extension of the mandate was approved in light of the important year that lies ahead where the competition’s restart after the pandemic and the preparation towards organizing a BeNeLeague as of the 2020-2021 season will be the two fundamental challenges. Within the executive committee, composed of Thierry Wilquin (manager Belfius Mons-Hainaut), Maarten Bostyn (president Hubo Limburg United) and André Dekandelaer (president Phoenix Brussels Basket), Maarten Bostyn was appointed vice-president in place of André Dekandelaer.

“I wish to thank the clubs for the confidence. This past period we were fortunate to be able to count on a lot of understanding and solidarity from a lot of stakeholders and we are very grateful to them for that. In the future as well all parties will need to show understanding and especially a sense of realism in order to accompany the restart so our beloved sport can flourish once again”, concluded president Arthur Goethals.


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