One League. Zero Discrimination.
Thursday 5th November 2020

The Pro Basketball League and its ten professional clubs are committed to diversity and inclusion. 19 different nationalities are represented in our EuroMillions Basketball League by players from all over the world. At a time where it's mainly COVID-19 on the agenda, we also want to stress the importance of this statement.

All clubs were happy to participate in a mini-campaign, which was published on social media tonight. We went to all 10 clubs and made a video where the players unify & support the slogan "Zero Discrimination".

With this claim, our entire community makes it clear that they do not support any discrimination based on color, gender, sexual orientation or other forms. Each club today launched a personalized video that is shared with all fans. We hope to set an example that goes beyond sports or basketball to include this broad social topic.

Wim Van de Keere: "The last few weeks have been dominated by other urgent themes. But it is also our task to make clear what we stand for as a league when it comes to discrimination. It's an issue that has also received a lot of attention in the NBA over the past few months, so we felt that we should do our bit and contribute our voice to that".

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