EuroMillions to become Belgian basketball Cup naming partner
Monday 21st December 2020

The Pro Basketball League, organizer of the EuroMillions Basketball League and events such as the Orange All Star Game and the EuroMillions Basketball Awards, is renaming the 2020-2021 Belgian Cup “The EuroMillions Cup”.

The Belgian Cup was originally scheduled to be played in a group format this season. 16 clubs (10 from EMBL and 6 from Top Division Men) would be divided into 4 groups of 4, but with the competition in TDM currently suspended, a return to the classic format was opted for.

A play-in round will be completed between the last 4 clubs in the final standings of  the 2019-2020 competition. The two winners will advance to the quarterfinals, which will take place in the weekend of 23 January. The semi-finals are scheduled for the weekend of 6 February. All rounds will be completed in a back-to-back format. The final will take place on Sunday 21 March.

The full calendar and match-ups can be found on the website

Arthur Goethals, Pro Basketball League president:

"We are delighted to be able to extend the partnership with EuroMillions to the naming partnership of the cup and thank them for the confidence EuroMillions continues to place in the Pro Basketball League in particular and Belgian basketball in general".

Jannie Haek, National Lottery managing director:

"The National Lottery is keen on building long-term relationships with its partners. We do this in the field of sports with our partnerships in soccer and cycling. By continuing our collaboration with the Belgian Cup and the Belgian Championship, we also stay active in basketball, a very popular sport in Belgium." 

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