#EMBLPlayoffs Finals between FILOU Oostende & Belfius Mons-Hainaut
Wednesday 2nd June 2021

On Thursday 3 June, the EuroMillions Basketball League Playoffs Finals 2021 between Filou Oostende and Belfius Mons-Hainaut will kick off at 20:00.

As in previous seasons, the finals will be played in a best of five format. All matches will be broadcasted live on VOO, Proximus & PlaySports at 20h00, as well as on


FINALS (Best of five)

F G1 03.06.21 Do - 20h00

F G2 05.06.21 Fri - 20h00

F G3 07.06.21 Mon - 20h00

*F G4 09.06.21 Wed - 20h00

*F G5 11.06.21 Fri - 20h00

*if necessary


The protocol, in place since the 1st of May, remains valid during this final. This means that :

  • All games will be played; games can not be postponed due to covid-related absences;
  • The FIBA regulations will be applied in terms of number of players available; this means that there must be at least 5 players on the score sheet to start the game;
  • The normal testing rhythm will be increased to at least 3 tests per week; however there will always be a test the day before the game.
  • In terms of regulations, covid-related absences already allowed to deviate from the obligation to register a minimum of 10 players on a score sheet and, in this sense, also to deviate from the quota for home-grown players. This principle will be maintained.


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