Licenses BNXT League 2021-2022 Awarded
Thursday 10th June 2021

The BNXT League Licensing Commission today awarded the licenses for the BNXT League inaugural season that will start on Friday, September 24, 2021.

The 22 clubs currently active in the EuroMillions Basketball League and the Dutch Basketball League all submitted the license application in time. All 22 clubs will receive a license to participate in the BNXT League’s first season.

Wim Van de Keere, Pro Basketball League general manager: "Because of the merger of both competitions, a couple of Dutch experts joined the licensing commission. All files were thoroughly reviewed. Kudos to all the clubs who, despite two very difficult years, managed to convince the commission of their business case. We are now looking steadfastly towards the future."

Ramses Braakman, President Dutch Basketball League: ”A tremendous amount of background work has been done by the clubs and the licensing commission over the past few months. We are delighted that all the clubs that said a resounding yes to the creation of the joint league in December 2020 have now actually obtained their license for the BNXT League. We started this project 2 years ago together and are looking forward to the start in September with great enthusiasm.”


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