Almere Sailors withdraws from BNXT League
Thursday 12th August 2021

Earlier tonight, the club Almere Sailors announced that it is withdrawing its participation in the BNXT League season 21-22.

Wim Van de Keere, general manager BNXT League: "We obviously regret the club's decision. There was a realistic plan on the table on the basis of which the license was granted. An important deadline that was set turned out to be unattainable despite all the hard work, so this was the only right decision, however hard it was.  This does not fundamentally change the competition format, which can accommodate 16 to 24 clubs. We will look at the impact on the calendar in the coming days."

Ramses Braakman, president Dutch Basketball League, interim board member BNXT League: "We know that everyone involved with Almere Sailors has worked very hard to get the business case done. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, a few important sponsors had to (partially) withdraw their commitments made earlier this spring. "

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